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Anti-Wear Coating Technologies

IMECH coatings give superior anti-wear protection against major destructive forces that cause component failure – corrosion, erosion, abrasion and impacts. Their unique across-the-board performance makes them the smart choice for extended parts life with fewer shutdowns for replacements. With carbide thicknesses ranging from .004” to .125”, IMECH coatings can be custom engineered to serve a wide range of industries and applications. Our coating process does not incorporate any paint, spray or wet-adhesive technology. Rather, our advanced Liquid Metal Infiltration process creates a highly uniform, 100% homogenous metallurgical engineered bond.

Our coatings are metallurgically engineered to give extended anti-wear parts protection in the toughest oilfield, mining and industrial applications.
  • Oil and Gas – Mud motor radial bearings, pumps, valves, rotary steerable tools and jar components
  • Plastics – Extrusion barrels die plates, screw elements and material conveyors
  • Power Generation – Draft-induced fan blades, valves, screens and material conveyors
  • Mining – Bearings, slurry pumps, wear pads, valves, screens and material conveyors
  • Heavy Industry – Oil sealed flow restrictors, flow diverters, and bearing mandrel adaptors

Tungsten Carbide Coating

Our tungsten carbide coating increases product life by two to three times in wear applications across industries we serve. These coatings provide effective wear protection for many common components including extrusion barrel die plates, screw elements, material conveyors, draft-induced fan blades, valves, screens, bearings, slurry pumps, and wear pads. We provide protective Intellifuse coatings on a wide range of components, giving them extended service life in destructive environments. Intellifuse coatings can be applied to parts as small as 1” such as flow restrictors and flow diverters. Our coatings form a densely uniform, highly durable metallurgical bond that adheres to iron, nickel and cobalt alloys, even on curved, complex OD/ID surfaces. Far superior to thermal sprays or weld overlays, Intellifuse coated bearings resist chipping, spalling and galling.

IMECH Intellifuse coatings are based on a proprietary Liquid Metal Infiltration (LMI) process. This process consists of two primary components: an infiltrant such as a nickel-chromium-boron alloy, and a metal body.

A plastic binder is mechanically mixed with the infiltrant and tungsten carbide. The mixture is subjected under pressure to produce a “cloth-like” sheet. The carbide sheets are applied on surfaces that need corrosion or wear protection. The entire assembly is then heated to more than 2100°F, thoroughly ‘fusing’ the carbide matrix onto the surface of the parts.

Slurry Coating

Cladding material is applied in slurry form (Intelliflex) that allows the cladding to be applied to reach complex geometries that traditional protective claddings cannot.
Our material is compatible with the following surfaces
  • Carbon steels
  • Austenitic Stainless Steels
  • Precipitation Hardened Steels
  • Martensitic Steels
  • Nickel based alloys

Carbide Tile

Carbide tile provides substantial protection for radial bearings. These tungsten carbide tiles cover approximately 55% to 65% of surface area. The mechanical properties of the substrate are not affected through the coating process. The typical run life of a tiled radial bearing is 300-400 hours, depending on drilling environment, mud composition and drilling motor bend settings. Bearings can be 4” to 10” or more. As an option, IMECH will do custom design and prototyping.

Repair Services

Our coatings are applied to components we machine and manufacture as well as those supplied by customers. Repair services are available for customer-supplied components. Our team of engineers analyze specific needs, assess wear in unique applications, and recommend a cost-effective solution.