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IMECH offers custom protective coatings

Whenever you want equipment to run for longer, ending costly downtime due to frequently worn parts, IMECH has the solution for you.

Our proprietary coating system creates a true 100% homogeneous metallurgical bond on iron, nickle, and cobalt alloys – even on curved, complex interior surfaces. With thicknesses ranging from .010″ to .125″, the coating system can be custom engineered to serve the oilfield, mining, plastics and power generation industries.

Proven applications:

– Oil and Gas

– Mud motor radial bearings, pumps, valves, rotary steerable tools and jar components.

– Plastics

– Extrusion barrels die plates, screw elements and material conveyors.

– Power Generations

– Draft-induced fan blades, valves, screens and material conveyors.

– Mining

– Bearings, slurry pumps, wear pads, valves, screens and material conveyors.

Across these many industries tortuous applications, our coating has shown to give consistent, extended wear and superior corrosion/erosion resistance compared to plating, weld overlays and thermal sprays. No other technology will last longer, be more durable or outperform our coating technologies.

IMECH is committed to providing you with the most advanced technology to help ensure your equipment runs longer. If you would like more information contact us at ussales@esgproducts.com