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Custom Tiled Radial Bearings increase run life

Have you heard that we now offer Tiled Radial Bearings? If you would like to request a quote or place an order please email us at ussales@esgproducts.com

To learn more about our latest in leading edge technology here at IMECH, keep reading below:

IMECH’s Tiled Radial Bearings:

– Tungsten carbide tiles cover approximately 55% to 65% of surface area.

– Mechanical Properties of substrate are not affected through manufacturing process.

– Typical life expectancy: 300 – 400 hours. (Run life depends upon drilling environment, mud composition and drilling motor bend settings)

– Capability to manufacture diameters 4″ to 10″ and greater

– Manufactured turn-key in North America

Custom designs and prototypes are always welcomed, in addition to small batch orders. The tile bearings can also be ordered in either over sized or undersized configurations to fit customers special requirements. As always we guarantee outstanding quality and quick lead times!

Optical microscopy helps evaluate structural integrity

We are very proud to share that we recently have introduced the Keyence VHX-5000 as a part of our quality inspection tools. With optical microscopy at the cornerstone of failure analysis and metallurgical materials analysis, this now allows our team to better inspect and evaluate structural features of our components. The VHX-5000 multi-functional technology has also helped us streamline testing and improve the speed and efficiency of the inspection process. Overall we are confident the VHX-5000 will be a great asset to our team and yours.

As always we are committed to providing exceptional quality products and customer service, and will continue to make technological advancements that promote our improvement in both aspects.